How do I search only the Journals

When you use the search function, by default the whole site is searched. Advanced Search allows you to select a single document via the Categories drop-down list. If you wish to search only the Journals (all of them), then include the word orhj with your search string. This should return only results from the Journals.

If you wish to search only the images on the site (ie their titles and captions), then include the word pix in your search string.

If you wish to search only the images of the Journals, then include the words orhj and pix in your search string.

If a search takes you to an article with images, or an images page, and you can't see your search word highlighted, it may be within the full caption in the full image view (click on thumbnails).

How do I search individual publications?

Select a publication from the Categories drop-down, in Advanced Search.

Where do I find "Advanced Search"?

Enter your search word into the Search box. The results window will give you the option to go to Advanced Search.

Why can't I find ...?

There are instances of names spelt differently. Be sure to try some variations. Some common ones are listed.

    Alternate spellings (mis-spellings)
Wharekirauponga    Wharekiraupunga, Wharekerauponga, Wharekeraupunga
Maratoto   Marototo
Parakiwai   Parakawai, Parakowai
Waitawheta   Waitewheta
Cassel   Cassell
Russell   Russel
T Russell   Thomas Russell (father)
TH Russell   Thomas Henry (Harry) Russell (son of Thomas Russell)
Waipaheke   Waipahake
Kerepehi   Kerepeehi (both in usage)
Waiorongomai   Wairongomai


Why are there no Journals after 2012?

No editor has been found since the late Graham Watton.

Why are no images for Journal 1 shown?

There were no images in Journal 1.

When I see an image of interest, how do I know where it came from?

If you are viewing a thumbnail, clicking on it will open a lightbox with a larger version. Text beneath the image will indicate the publication and article. If there is no article name, then that journal did not include images in its articles (some of the earlier Journals).

How do I cite material I find on this site?

Each article has a heading which indicates the publication you are viewing. The portal page for that publication has more detail. You can cite this website in addition.

Where can I view hardcopies of the Journals?

The Waihi and Paeroa Museums have full sets, even some for sale. The National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Matauranga O Aotearoa, University of Auckland, and others, maintain collections.

How do I navigate with the GIS on my phone?

Firstly, ensure "location" is enabled on your phone
Select the mobile Ohinemuri GIS link
Enable the Location (GPS) button top right of page
You may wish to disable Map Following in the properties button
Select layers to view from menu on left (some are preselected)
Touch items for information