Waihi, 23rd February, 1914.

The Chairman And Directors,

Waihi Gold Mining Company, Limited,



I beg to submit my Report on the operations of the Company for the year ended 31st December, 1913


Work in this department proceeded satisfactorily during- the year.

The scheme was tested satisfactorily during the holidays; several motors are now in operation at Victoria Mill, and as soon as all the Mill motors are running the Mine motors will be started.


The accompanying reports show in detail the work done in the various departments.

Yours faithfully,



Gas Power.—The two engines have been used for supplying- power for the electrically-driven pumps, the Waihi Mill, and for driving an air compressor.

Producer gas is also sent down to the Waihi Mill under pressure, and is used for smelting the bullion slimes.

Inspection of Machinery.—The Government Inspector examined the boilers during the year, all of which proved to be in good condition.

Hora Hora Work.—The Transformer House was erected and all the machinery installed. The majority of the motors are erected. It will probably be about the end of April before the current will be brought in from Waikino.

The whole of the machinery at the Mine is in good working order.

Yours faithfully,


Assist. Superintendent.

Waihi, 10th February, 1914.


Report for year ended December 31st, 1913.

E. G. Banks, esq.,


Dear Sir,

I beg to report on the progress of the work in connection with the above plant for the year ended December 31st, 1913.

Hora Hora. Headworks.—The excavations for the race and the concrete walls and flooring were completed, and water admitted in May. The side slopes of both head and tail races have been trimmed and sown with grass to keep down dust and consolidate the ground.

A rough stone wall 240 feet long has been built to protect the tail race in time of flood.

The whole of the North and East side of the works has been fenced with a 7-wire fence and concrete posts, and hedges planted.

The auxiliary plant, consisting of two small water turbines and generators, has been erected and receives water from the river side of the Head Gates.

A groin has been built out from the intake across the river. For the first 50 feet this was built of rough stone with a concrete coping, and for the next 190 feet a timber crib dam was erected. The crib work is so arranged that it is constantly covered with water so as to protect the woodwork.

Power Station.—This Station has been completed and the whole of the machinery therein run and tested.

Transformer House.—The erection of the gear in this house was completed and tested.

Buildings.—The houses for the residential staff were completed and the whole of the works wired for electric lighting.

Transmission Line.—The erection of the masts for carrying the power and telephone wires was completed. The power and telephone lines were erected from Hora Hora to Waikino (44½ miles), and from Waikino to Waihi (5½ miles), 28 miles being done on contract and the remainder on wages.

At Stanley Bridge, 23½ miles from Hora Hora, a halfway station and patrolman's cottage have been erected. The halfway station contains lightning arrester gear and the necessary switch gear for disconnecting the line for testing.

Telephone huts have been erected at every five miles along the route, and, in addition to the telephones, they contain the necessary gear for repairs to the line.

Owing to the extremely rough and hilly nature of the country over the Te Aroha Ranges (2,500 feet) great difficulties were experienced in erecting the line, but every precaution has been taken both for safety and ease of repairs.

Every pole on the route is numbered and has a danger notice attached to it.


Waikino.—The Transformer House and the whole of the transforming plant has been erected.

The main control board, distributing circuits, and the majority of the motors are erected.

The Mine.—The Transformer House and the whole of the transforming plant has been erected. The majority of the motors are erected.

General.—During the Christmas holidays the extra high-tension gear at Waikino was tested. A test was then carried out of the Hora Hora plant, the transmission line, and the extra high-tension gear at Waikino. The test was carried on satisfactorily for over a week.

On February 4th of this year the first motor was started at Waikino.

Several motors are now in operation, but it will probably be about two months before the whole of the Mill is driven electrically.

The motors at the Mine will not be started up until the work at Waikino is finished.


The Chief Electrical Engineer for the Government, representing the Public Works Department, and the Inspector of Mines for the district, representing the Mines Department, have inspected the whole of the plant.

Yours faithfully,


Assistant Superintendent.