Waihi, E. G. Banks, esq.,


Dear Sir,

I beg- to report on the work carried out in the following departments during- the year ended 31st December, 1917.



The water pumped to the surface during the year was :—

" C " pumping-engine ... ... 69,478,500 gallons.

Electrically-driven pumps ... 403,791,265 ,,

Total ... 473,269,765

It was decided in February to stop all development work below the No. 11 Level, and after rails, pipes, winch, etc., had been taken out of the No. 12 Level, the Shaft was allowed to fill up to within about 90 feet below the No. 11 Level. The electrically driven Turbine Suspended Pumps were kept at this position in the Shaft.

The "C" Pump assisted in handling the water during the early part of the year. It was also brought into use for a fortnight in November, owing to a valve casing breaking on one of the electrically driven pumps.

It was found necessary to re-wind the armature of one of the 450 h.p. D. C. Pumps, and this work was carried out satisfactorily at the Mine.

Electric Locomotive.—An Electric Locomotive was installed in March on No. 7 Level and used for hauling mullock for filling the stopes on the East end of the Royal Lode.

Ventilation.—An electrically driven Fan, having- a capacity of 32,000 cubic feet of air per minute, was installed on the surface at No. 5 Shaft, exhausting air from a portion of that Shaft, which was lined for the purpose. This fan is arranged to deal more particularly with the air on the Royal Section of the Mine.

Winding.—The amount of Ore raised through the various shafts was 189,470 tons.

No.. 6 is the only Shaft which is now operated by steam, and this Shaft is used during the day shift only.

No. 2 Shaft has been worked throughout the year by compressed air generated from Hora Hora power, and this has effected a good saving in coal.

Air Compressing.—In addition to supplying the air for the Rock Drills, this plant has also driven the No. 2 and No. 5 Winding Engines, sundry winches on the surface, and has supplied air for jets underground for induced ventilation.

Rock Drills.—The number of Hammer Drills in use has increased, and the total number of drills now in operation amounts to about eighty-five.

Power Plant.—The whole of the Power Plant has worked in a very satisfactory manner:


Power Plant.—No steam or gas power has been used throughout the year.

The Electrical Plant has run very satisfactorily.

The Water Races have been kept in good order, and a fair amount of power was available from them throughout the year.


The Machinery both at the Mine and at the Victoria Mill has been inspected and approved by the Government Inspectors.

Yours faithfully,


Asst. Superintendent.