Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889-1959

The first church building was the Roman Catholic, which was reached by a flight of steps near the entrance to the town. Dean Hackett was a very able man and in great demand as a speaker and humorous reciter at our social gatherings. The Protestants at that time worshipped in the Public Hall at the foot of the School Hill and an undenominational Sunday School was conducted there by the two Miss Napiers and helpers. It was largely attended and a very important event of the year was the Children's Anniversary, which was held in the Montgomery Hall in the main street. The children were trained for singing and action songs by Mr Searle, a business man who helped many causes.

Later that same year, 1898, the Methodist Church was erected nearby. Shortly afterwards the Presbyterian Church and Sunday School were built on River Road, opposite Irish-town, and the Church of England people worshipped there until their own Church was built near the first two in 1905.

The Sunday School was carried on for many years, being continued even after the church buildings had been removed, and in the meantime a few people met to attend a monthly service in Mrs Ritchie's house. The Church of England also held a monthly service in a small building near where their church had stood. Later they kindly lent this and their facilities to the Presbyterians, who now hold a service on the third Sunday of every month at the new Karangahake Hall. Mrs Boyd, a local resident, specially bought a small portable electric organ in order to provide music for these services.

In the years to come, in this beautiful valley of Karangahake may all the Churches be re-built — To the Glory of God.

— R. Ritchie.