Karangahake School and District 70th Jubilee 1889-1959

Many New Zealanders, especially those living in country districts, have been on familiar terms with candles and kerosene lamps, and miners were even more so, although electricity was generated at the Batteries for use there. It must have been a great day for Karangahake when gas lit up its streets and at least some of its homes.

The "Paeroa Gas Syndicate Company" was founded in 1897 but in 1898 was incorporated under the title "Ohinemuri Light and Power Company." Its property consisted of 6½ acres on the Puke Road. The gas was conveyed in pipes that hid discreetly beside the highways while picturesque lamp-posts dispensed a kindly light to wayfarers in built-up areas.

The Thames Valley Electric Power Board held its first meeting in 1920 and power was switched on at Paeroa a year later. Telegraph poles already dominated one side of our highway and soon towering power poles announced our further progress and Karangahake in its decline shared the great boon of electricity.