Diamond Jubilee of the Ohinemuri County 1885 - 1945

Valuable Service Given


Celebrating its 47th year of operation with a "Victory" Show this year, the Hauraki Agricultural and Pastoral Association has from small beginnings grown into an organisation of considerable proportions and fills a most important part in the district's activities.

Catering chiefly for the farming community, the Association also enjoys the generous support of the business people of the Borough of Paeroa and neighbouring towns.

Through its activities the Association has encouraged and assisted in the remarkable improvements in the quality of cattle within its area. Pedigree milking herds of several breeds which are to be found in considerable and increasing numbers in the Ohinemuri and Hauraki districts can mostly trace their foundation to the activities of the Association.

The first shows were held in a paddock, about where the Paeroa bowling and croquet greens are now situated. The late Mr. James Mackay was the first president, and the late Mr. Edwin Edwards the first secretary. When Mr. W. D. Nicholas came to Paeroa in 1900 he was appointed hon. secretary and occupied that position for 13 years. In those days two shows — an agricultural show and an horticultural show — were held each year. The organisation has been a valuable factor in building up better herds in the district and has made steady progress, so that now it possesses its own yards, pens and grounds. Entries of stock from far afield are received each year.

Past presidents are: Messrs. James Mackay, 1898-1902;

H. Poland, 1902-1909, 1910-1911;

A. L. Yule, 1909-1910:

A. C. Hubbard, 1911-1913;

E. W. Porritt, 1913-1916;

A. H. Wilson, 1916-1917;

Archibald White, 1917-1918;

P. R. Hubbard, 1919-1920, 1928-1931;

J. A. Reid, 1920-1922;

W. F. Johnstone, 1922-1924;

W. J. Hall, 1924-1926;

H. J. Hare, 1926-1928;

B. E. Veale, 1931-1945.

The life honorary members are:

Messrs. A. H. Wilson, A. L. Yule, W. F. Johnstone, E. P. Fathers, Arch. White, P. R. Hubbard, H. J. Hare, J. W. Graves, J. A. Reid, B. E. Veale.

Mr. Edwin Edwards, son of the first honorary secretary, now holds the position of secretary for the 25th consecutive year.