Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902-1962

William Henry Morton arrived in Auckland in 1861 in the sailing ship Ida Zeigler. His father, George Henry Morton, was probably the first qualified veterinary surgeon to come to New Zealand but there was no outlet for his talents. William, after a varied career of bush work, bullock driving, bridge building, railway construction and mining all over the North Island, arrived in Waihi in 1895. He split palings and shingles to build a home for his family and pit sawed logs in his spare time for the framing of a solid cottage which stood for sixty years. Mr Morton was particularly good at handling cattle and horses and will be remembered for bringing the first pedigree Jersey cow to Waihi. He married, in 1882, Clara Castle, daughter of the Commissariat Corps and had five sons and three daughters. Of these Percy and Jack were killed in the 1914-18 war. Clara and Winnie died in 1953 and May (Mrs Page), George and Norman, still live in Waihi. Harold has retired from his farm in Waihi and lives in Whangamata.

We must add that Norman Morton, although not a Jubilee Committee member, has been a tower of strength to us. He has been at everybody's beck and call and even airmailed part of his article from Dunedin. We are deeply indebted to him.