Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902-1962

We sincerely thank the business and professional people of Waihi, practically all of whom have contributed financial assistance towards the production of this Journal. With a few exceptions we have listed them in the order of their location, beginning from the lower end of Seddon Street.



Commercial Hotel.

Rea Bros. Service Station

W. K. Hawkes, Bootmaker.

Restaurant Braeburn.

G. C. Morey, Builders' Supplies.

Rob Roy Hotel.

Waihi Travel Services.

Waihi Florists.

Hartley Pike, Ltd.

Kiwi Fruit Shop.

P. Halloran, Jeweller.

Open Book Club.

Waihi Electrical Company.

Marriott's Stores, Ltd.

Spearing's Stationery.

J. McCready, Ltd.

Clark's Fashion House.

Hilton French, Grocer.

J. Pivac, Tobacconist.

W. Steel, Billiards.

H. O. & D. Thorburn Ltd.

Barron's Pharmacy.

Grace Brady, Draper

C. J. Hall, Baker.

T. Wong, Fruiterer.

Des Robertson, Home Cookery.

J. Collinson, Delicatessen.

Cooper and Wigg, Outfitters.

Wotherspoon's Shoe Store.

Premier Meats.

Aunty Tolly's Tea Rooms.

Bruce Wells, Hairdresser.

W. F. Kingsford, Cycles.

Pat McLeay Ltd., Shoe Store.

Farmers' Trading Company.

Ron Scott, Hairdresser.

Newman's Book Club.

Salon Celia.

Claude Olphert and Co., Hardware.

Sterling Hotel.

Provincial Plumbers Ltd.

Motorists' Milk Bar.


Ohinemuri Motors Ltd.

Libeau's Restaurant.

Star Produce Mart.

Thomas' Butchery.

Allan Boulton Ltd., Sports.

A. J. Dean, Public Accountant.

Hossack and Pope, Public Accountants.

J. D. Boyd, Estate Agent.

C. C. Dillimore and Co.

Waihi Hardware Company.

H. J. Levien, Dentist.

J, Parkin, Dressmaker.

Waihi Dry Cleaning Co.

Bank of New Zealand.

Galvin Motors.

H. E. Timbers, Electrical.

B. Mc. Wilson, Dentist.

National Bank of New Zealand.

F C. V. Clark. Solicitor (Estate)

A. W. Hearn, Carrier.

Waihi Furniture Exchange.

V. Buckle, Plumber.

Anderson's Motor Mowers.

Rowland Jones Motors.

E. W. Jones, Panel Beater.



E. A. Clark Ltd., Mfg. Chemists.

Parker's Milk Bar.

Rosemont Butchery Ltd.

J. and D. Clark Ltd., Drapers.

Rosemont Milk Bar.

Gardiner's Bakery.

W. Ludwig, Stationery.

A. B. Ross, Jeweller.

Osborne's Radio Service.

Rosa Lee Salon.

Tribble and Jesney, Electricians.

Hope Callaghan, Millinery.

Wallace Supplies Ltd.

J. P. Gamble Ltd.

Academy Theatre.

Noel Lind, Land Agent.

Golden Cross Hotel.

Wright Stephenson Ltd.

Waihi Carriers Ltd.

Lockett's Garage.


Ron Brewer, Car Dealer.

Moyes' Service Station.

Waihi Timber and Joinery Ltd.

Meiklejohn Motors Ltd.



Ritchie's Passenger Service.

Regal Studios.


Morton's Garage.

B. Davis, Engineering.


Waihi Taxis.

Boughton and Grant, Solicitors.

L. R. Brown, Public Accountant.

C. V. Callaghan, Printer.

Waihi Gazette Office.

F. J. Callaghan, Builder.

C. and R. Lambert, Painters.

W. F. Coleman, Builder.

L. J. Orchard, Painter.

C. Jennings, Engineering.

Quinlan and Spiers. Painters.

G. Earl, Builder.

Reg Turner, Painter.

J. W. Furey, Blacksmith.

J. Culton, Builder.

G. Gardiner, Electrician.

D. J. Spiers, Builder.

Johnston & Gardiner, Plumbers.

F. Wright, Painter.

S. G. Baker, Builder.

Waihi Engineering.

A. H. Attwood, Builder.

R. Buchanan, Builder.

N. J. Owen-Lowe, Builder.

Dr. L. R. Hetherington.

Dr. G. S. Parker.

Dr. H. C Tuck

Gadabouts Ltd., Shoe manufacturers.

Mason's Concrete Products Ltd.

Mataora Timber Co. Ltd.

Modern Furniture Co., Furniture Mfg.

R. G. Payze & Co. Sheet metal processing.

D. Seath and Co., Furniture Mfg.

Waitete Foundry, Castings.

T. C. Watters, Aerated Water Mfg.

Waihi Cheese Factory.

W. R. Williams, Joinery Mfg.

J. and M. Adam Ltd., Grocers.

C and S. Bellamy Ltd., Grocers.

East End Dairy.

C. and H. Fellowes, Grocers.

Maybelle Dairy.

Rutherford's Store, Grocer.

Tuck Shop.

West End Store, Grocer

Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd.

W. H. Armour, Tool Mfg. Engineer.

Brown and Brown, Mfg. Engineers.

Dominion Gold Supply Co. Dental Alloy Manufacturing.