Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 2, October 1964

Dear Mrs Climie,

My reading of the first Ohinemuri Regional History Journal has given me much pleasure, and your Society is deserving of great credit for bringing out such an interesting record of people and events. I feel sure that this and future issues will be appreciated not only by those who were associated with the early days of your district, but also by those younger people who have a feeling for the past.

I regret that I never had the pleasure of meeting the late Mr Gwilliam, whose most interesting article brings to my memory names of people and places once familiar to me. It is remarkable how many Ohinemuri people are descendants of those who in the first place made their homes at Thames. Hence I am enclosing some notes recounting what I remember of such families. Please use them as you wish.

With kind regards and good wishes to you all,

Yours sincerely

Wm Hammond