Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 3, April 1965

A very full programme covering 28th and. 29th November, 1964, was prepared by the Tauranga Historical Society with leaders Miss V. McMillan, Messrs. L. Adams, C.W. Vennell and E.E. Bush in co-operation with Mr. D.H. Maxwell, Chairman of the Elms Trust whose second annual meeting took place on the Saturday morning. The total week-end attendance was nearly 200 including a large representation from Auckland and smaller ones from Whakatane, Hamilton, Te Awamutu, New Plymouth and Waihi and. Paeroa.

The visitors were first taken on a guided bus tour to Mt. Maunganui and then to the Gate Pa and Te Ranga battle sites. After lunch they proceeded to "The Minden" and the Te Puna - Wairere Track. The latter was the old highway over the Kaimai Ranges for travellers from Matamata to Tauranga in Missionary days.

Afternoon tea was served at the Whakamarama [Whakamaramara? –E] School, after which Mr. Vennell gave a brief outline of the track's history, members then proceeding to the Parapapa triple falls.

The evening programme under the chairmanship of Mr. E. Bush, included a welcome to the city by his Worship the Mayor, Mr D.S. Mitchell, M.B.E., colour films by Mr. N.W. Blackie, colour slides and tape recording of "The Elms" (the site of the original Mission Station) by Mr. R. Melvin; an outline of the objects of "The Elms Trust" by Mr. W. Colgan, President of the Auckland Historical Society; a discussion of the battle strategy of Gate Pa, 1864, by Mr. C.C. Southey; the Maori point of view by Mr. T. TeKani, and details of the Gate Pa Celebrations,1964, by Mr. L. Adams, President of the Tauranga Historical Society, and a tape address on the writing of the play, "The Oval Table", by Mr. C. Kingsley Smith. The evening concluded with votes of thanks and a bountiful supper.

On the morning of 29th November, the visitors were conducted in groups over "The Elms" by Mr. Maxwell and shown the Mission and Military Cemetery and the Redoubt by members of the Tauranga Society, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.

On their way home, the Auckland members broke their journey to visit the Waihi Art Centre and Museum, where they were refreshed with a cup of tea while Mr. W. Hollis answered their queries concerning Museum exhibits.