Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 4, September 1965

By: Dave McWatters

The following list should be compared with the diagram pages (Paeroa today) [see below], each section being lettered in a similar way.

A. Brenan (Blacksmith); Vincent (Saddlery); National Bank; Robson's Store.

B. Phillips Store (later Keller's).

C. B.N.Z.; Hague-Smith (Hardware); Searle (Boots); Bresden (Sweets); Moresby (Solicitor); Theatre; Nathan (Statr.) Harris (Jeweller); Smith (Barber); House (Cassrels); Forbes (Grocer).

C1. Post Office; Court House; Police Station; Church of England.

C2. Shorts Stables; Moore's Stables.

D. Criterion Hotel (Cassrel, Bastings, Gibson); Porritt and Meuller (Solicitors); Balche & Waddingham (Tinsmiths); Barrett's House & Butcher's Shop, Ohinemuri Hotel (Power).

E. Walls (Butcher); Methodist Ch., De Castro (Chemist); Capills Bd. House; McWatters (Store); Jackson (Barber); Keller (Drapery); Gads (Sweets); Jones (Saddler); Wynyards (H.Ware); Masonic Lodge above; Andrews (Tailor); Munro (Fish); Law (Jeweller); Donnelly (Boots); Craig (Land Ag.) Cullen (Draper).

F. Code's Hotel - Gum Trees.

G. Open Space (hill later removed for Stopbank).

H. Snodgrass(Baker); Bramley (Boots); Brewery (Queen Street).

I. (Princes St.) Kennedy's House - Auction Rms., Butchery, (Wharf St.) Moore (Tob.); Board. House (Buckridge); Yule (Dentist);

J. Spry (Stat.) Medhurst's House; Ellis & Hunt; House; Gazette (Nicholas); Gleason (Sweets); Buckridge; Vuglar (Meat); Harp (Cycles); Thomas (Chemist); McGuire

K. Royal Mail Hotel (Crosby); Shortts Stables.

Kl. Civic Theatre, Regent Theatre; Sorensen (Blacksmith).

L. Gregson (Grocer); 0. County Council; Library ; Fire Brigade; Slater's & Davis' Houses; City Buffet (Stewarts); Wilkinson (Board. House) - later Brocket & Shand; Brenan's Stables.

LI. McAndrews T. Mill - Later LeManquais & Lamb, Quinliven's Stable; Morgan - Aerated water.

M. Bromwich (Baker - later Leach); North (Draper) Jones.

N. Delaneys Hotel; Hubbard (Engineer); Keller's House; Shaw's House; D Evans; Heweys, B.H.

O Ott (Butcher - later Wells); Bain (Tob. & Billiards); Clarkins Stables; Cameron (Photo); Jessens, Raffles (Sweets); Mahoney (Stat.);

P. Railway Station.

Business Area of Paeroa 1

Business Area of Paeroa 1

Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 4
Business Area of Paeroa 1
Business Area of Paeroa 2

Business Area of Paeroa 2

Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 4
Business Area of Paeroa 2
Map of Paeroa

Map of Paeroa

Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 4
Map of Paeroa


NORMANBY RD. - Convent School, Catholic Church. Maternity Hospital, N.Z. Dairy Co.

(Frazer St.)

WOOD ST. - Band Rms., Scout Hall, Army Office, Drill Hall, Central School.

ON HILL - (Te Puru-o-te Rangi) Gate of Heaven; V.H.F. Radio & Telephone Link to Hamilton, International Radio Crusades.

MILLER AVE., Primary School.

TIMBER & JOINERY - Dudding Bros.

THAMES RD. Gerrands SawMill, Wiltons Nurseries, Ohinemuri Jockey Club-Racecourse.

BUILDERS - P. Fathers, F. Kindred, Lee Bros., T. Marshall, Roberts Bros. .Walmsley Bros. J.H.Trembath.

PLASTERERS R. Pearson, B. Sayer.

PAINTERS, A. Bradburn, I. Denton, J. Edwards, J. Jackson, A. Meldrum, V. Moloney.



ELECTRICIANS – W. Baxtor. V. Green. N. King, D. Lally. J.H. Keith.

P & T - Line Staff Depot (Coronation St.) Hauraki Catchment. Bd.- Opatito Road.

PUKE RD - Sigs. Service Station, Brenan & Co. Depot, Hauraki Concrete, Puke Workshops (M.O.W.) Todd, Nurseries, Hill, Dolomite and Healtheries.

OIL COMPANIES – Shell, Atlantic Union, B.P.N.Z. Ltd., Mobil Oil, Europa.

Railway Station (Taylors Avenue)