Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 4, September 1965


We started up at the top of the town,

Poor "Gibby" looked pale and wan;

We all saw "Castles" In the air,

It was no "Criterion".

The "Ohinemuri" made us mourn

For "Hancock" who had to pay.

It's worse than a loss for its covered in "Moss",

And its Power has vanished away.

Down to the "Mail" we wended our way

Where the T.Y.O. is neat,

And we wept. Down went the "Royal George"

With all his crew complete.

The "Commercial" pub we visited next

Our hearts were sad and sore,

For on the wall was stuck a text –

We shall ne'er see "Harry Moore".

To the end of the town we wandered down

And we murmured in miserie

As we knocked at the door of "Hotel Paeroa"

Are you there, "Moriarity"?



Gibby = Gibson, licensee of Criterion Hotel owned by Cassrels.

POWER = licensee of Ohinemuri Hotel, burned down on election night.

Hancock = Brewer.

Moss = Solicitor.

HARRY MOORE = licensee of Commercial Hotel which later became Fathers Hotel.

GEORGE CROSBY = licensee of Royal Mail Hotel.

T.Y.O. = "Twenty Year Old" (whisky).

(Licence was restored in 1925).

We would like to acknowledge the help of the Paeroa Borough Council which has enabled us to include extra pages and illustrations in this Issue.