Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 5, May 1966

By DORA HANDLEY (nee Rapley)

It is alleged that the land where the domain is situated was originally purchased from the Maoris - (swapped for a red shirt) by Mr. Harley (Senior.) This property comprised about sixty acres and the house was named 'Tin Pot Castle' by the early white settlers. Mr. Harley (Senior) left it to his son Fred and later to his brother Harry. In 1933 Mr. Wallace Rapley purchased the property, had about 30 acres surveyed, and sold sections for housing. Mr. David Nicol purchased about 5 acres which he made into a camping ground. At that time he was employed by the Athenree Forestry Dept. and he raised & planted trees which now surround and beautify the present camping ground and domain. About 3 years ago he sold the grounds to the Tauranga County Council to be used as a public domain. The foreshore has been developed into a safe playing area for children. It is a delightful spot.