Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 5, May 1966


One of the first land owners at the Beach was George Vesey Stewart of Kati-Kati who allowed tenants to erect cottages on a 10 acre block at the northern end.

James Shaw of Paeroa, was another land owner. He leased his property and house to Mr. M. Manning who permitted people, just before World War I, to erect cottages on the "the Terrace". There were already a few mining cottages which were gradually moved down. Some of the first people, who then made the beach their holiday "rendezvous" were:- Sleven; Gibbons; Dillimore; Donaldson; Pipe; Steele; Burt; Thomas; Shergold; Walker; Sylvias; Haszard; White; Cornthwaite; Hollis; Armour (1913); Quintal; and Beeston.

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