Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 5, May 1966

We have been heartened by the fact that our infant Historical Societies have been given a warm welcome by those longer established and are grateful to the Whakatane, Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland Societies for the opportunity they have afforded us to meet their members and widen our field in their territory.

It has also been a pleasure to us to welcome them to Ohinemuri. Their coming has spurred us to deepen our research and record our fast fading history.

Our intention is to investigate even earlier history, and to encourage our Maori friends to become members and help us in this field work.

Meanwhile our Journal serves as a link, especially for those who are unable to attend either meetings or field days. Our two years of growth have been most encouraging and the response and continued interest of the public, coupled with contributions of material, have given us the incentive to maintain and increase our efforts.


Acting President, Waihi Historical Society.