Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 7, May 1967


The publication of this issue of the Ohinemuri Regional Journal is welcomed as a symbol of the continued interest of members in our Societies. We have continued our researches into the rich historical past of our district and as a result much very interesting material has been found and incorporated in articles for the Journal and subjects for talks at our monthly meetings. We feel that there is still much more that can be done and it is our constant endeavour to try and obtain this knowledge and pass it on to others and also to have a permanent record of the district's development.

Continued support from outside districts, in the form of Journals, invitations to field days, attendance at our meetings and assistance with speakers, has been much appreciated and we trust that it will be continued in the future.

Mention must be made to the great debt we owe to Mrs Climie, our Editor,forher dedication to the publishing of our Journal, which we feel does so much towards maintaining the valued support and interest of our members, who are prevented from attending our meetings by distance and other circumstances.

We also thank our contributors and others connected with the publications who enable us to maintain our standard, and we urge the importance of receiving further articles and photos. Even if they are not used immediately they allow us to plan ahead with confidence and gratitude.

In conclusion, may I, on behalf of our Societies earnestly solicit the continued support of our members so that the rich and colourful history of the districts may not be allowed to fade into oblivion.