Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 10, October 1968


It is with pleasure that we once again, at the invitation of the publishing committee, include a report from our Centre.

This year we are most grateful to the Mines Department which has once again come forward, with a substantial grant for Museum extension work and to the Association of N.Z. Art Societies for a grant and their generous support in helping us to provide varied and interesting displays in our gallery.

Although it is most necessary that we watch the financial position, we must be careful that this aspect, is not overstressed and so blot out our main objective, that of providing a museum to display exhibits of historical and mining interest and a cultural centre which will aim at providing varied local and touring exhibitions for members and visitors. Many letters of appreciation have been received from overseas visitors as well as teachers and pupils who have availed themselves of our facilities.

Museum exhibits continue to come forward, one of the largest and latest being a cam shaft which has yet to be assembled. Mineral specimens from Australia and Fiji are still arriving so the lighting for this cabinet has been improved.

In the Art Gallery in June and July was an exhibition provided by the Papakura Art Group. Unfortunately the number who viewed it was not as large as it deserved. August provided an exhibition of Czechoslovak Children's Art, arranged by the Czech Embassy and we are grateful to the Department of Education for the opportunity of seeing this interesting display. At the end of August the gallery is to be included in the itinerary for the touring Bay of Plenty exhibition. Later we hope to have two touring exhibitions of British artists' prints and lithographs, and a selection of art from the Auckland Secondary Schools followed by our Summer Exhibition. A continuous display of pottery has been maintained.

In closing this report may we stress that this Centre does not belong to a select few but to all who wish to preserve the past and to encourage and promote interest in the arts in every way within our capabilities.



Our membership has risen to 248, including 72 families and 4 life members and we continue to hold well attended meetings at 7 30 pm on 2nd Monday of each month.

April: Mr. D. Haszard gave a very interesting talk on the Tui Mine, Te Aroha

May: Mr. E.L. Adams of Tauranga - Early Maori History of the Bay of Plenty, illustrated by large maps - an authentic and scholarly address.

June: Mr. B. Middlebrook - amusing anecdotes about his early days in Kati Kati.

July: Mr. Heatley - gave an informative talk on the Chatham Islands.

August: Mr. Les Hume of Kati Kati spoke on the early service cars between Waihi and Tauranga. Lively reminiscences illustrated by very good photographs. (This will be fully reported later).

MARGARET WELLS, Hon. Secretary.


April : Week-end visit by 80 members of the Auckland Historical Society.

May : Annual Meeting, The Rev, L.M. Rogers who spoke on visits by early Missionaries.

June: Address by the Mayor of Paeroa, Mr. L.J. Shaw whose family were noted pioneers in the district. (See Mr. Kennedy's article on early Paeroa.)

July : Mrs. Audrey Young of Waitawheta gave illustrated and extremely well-informed talk on New Zealand Geology.

August : Mr. Middlebrook's talk on early Kati Kati.(reported)

R. J. HUGHES : Hon. Secretary.

This Journal typed and duplicated by E. Barron, 1 Willoughby Street, Paeroa.