Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 12, October 1969

By E. LONGLEY 13.7.69

What have I done? My three-score years and ten, are nearly o'er,

Have I just drifted, each long day the same as one before?

Or have I left some little mark to show that I was here? –

Some little seed of kindness sown, that blossomed year by year?

Perhaps fore-stalled a tragedy by its all-spreading power,

That seed of kindness, humbly sown within a darkened hour.

I like to think that I, through life, have harmed not anyone,

Have kept the friends I made in youth - though many now are gone.

I view the lowering hour-glass with philosophic calm,

Though humble - of the "other ranks" - I still could wear the Palm

Of Peace-Maker in this sad world, where little kindly deeds

Mean such a lot to those distressed when all their hope recedes.

I recollect, in days gone by, when all my skies were grey,

The acts of kindness shown to me, which helped to light the way

To dawning hopes of better times, of sunshine after rain.

Forever I am grateful to my Friends. We'll meet again.