Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 12, October 1969


We are pleased to report a greater influx of new members during the past two months and welcome them to our midst hoping they will be able to take an active part in our various branches. Letters of appreciation have been received from Overseas Museums for mineral specimens we have been able to send them and now we are listed in the Directory of Asian Pacific Museums.

Gallery Exhibitions

15th August - 10th September "A" Gallery Children's Art Competition.

August Holidays "B" Gallery - Loan Collection of work of Eric Lee-Johnson.

10th Sept. - 12th September The touring Bay of Plenty Exhibition.

October Exhibition by two Artists.

November 6th - Nov. -12th An Antique Exhibition.

November 11 th Film Evening.

We are grateful to the Art Galleries and Museum Assoc. of N.Z. and the Assoc. of N.Z. Art Societies for the encouraging support we receive from them in newsletters. We have been accepted for membership of the Print Council of N.Z. and have received our first bonus print "City Night and Day" by B. Quirk. Photos of various corners of the museum should be available for sale shortly. In closing, a special word of appreciation to the Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Waihi for their recent efforts on behalf of our Centre.

M.S. MARTIN, Secretary and Curator


May Mr. & Mrs. Connell (daughter of Mr. H.D.M. Haszard ) - Slides of Ovrerseas Trip.

June Mr. Alan Carter - First Service Cars.

July Mr. W. Butler - Looking back at Waihi.

During July Opening of Morrinsville Museum.

August Mr. Dan McPherson - Old Waihi.


May Mr. P. Jones - Slides of Karangahake and Komata adapted from old Photos by Mr.Alan Beck.

June Mrs. Audrey Young - Coromandel and Thames Valley Geology

July Mr. J.P. Sinnett - Memory Lane - Old Paeroa.

August Mr. A.P .Thorp - New Guinea Slides.