Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 14, October 1970


We have an historical link with Dr. Maiden who has been appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Auckland University. His grandparents, William James and Catherine Maiden were for 25 years highly respected residents of Waikino where Mr. Maiden Sen. was a Shift Boss at the Victoria Battery. Moreover; his sister married Mr. Grubb and their son David Grubb who spent many years at Waikino now lives in Waihi with his wife (nee Ella Hanlen) Aunt of our Waihi President - A.C. (Hank) Hanlen.

The Maiden "Grandparents" moved to Auckland in 1921 in order to broaden the opportunities for their family of nine, the eldest son being Henry, the father of our new Vice Chancellor who is an engineering graduate at present supervising Research work in U.S.A. (About 30 years ago your Editor. had the pleasure of teaching some very bright pupils at the Auckland Normal School where Colin began his meteoric career -- with which his fine personality kept pace. It is a pleasure to remember the lively lad both in class, and spending a holiday at Turners Hill.)

While a student at Auckland University Dr. Maiden was awarded a number of engineering Scholarships - 1952, the Robert Horton, 1953 the Even Gibb Hudson, and 1954 a senior scholarship. He was also a member of the Students' Assoc. Executive and was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1955 after graduating Master of Engineering. He completed his doctorate of philosophy at Oxford University in 1957 and later did postdoctorate research supported by the Atomic Energy Research Centre at Harwell. From 1958 - 60 Dr. Maiden worked at a Govt. research centre in Quebec where he supervised and conducted studies into the physics of hypersonic flight. He returned to Auckland University as senior lecturer in mechanical engineering before going to work at General Motors research laboratories at Santa Barbara, California. There he formed and headed the material sciences laboratory, and has lectured at many American Universities.

As Vice Chancellor, Dr. Maiden will become the academic and administrative head of the University which this year has reached a roll of 9,300. The choice of a man who combines a brilliant scholastic career with considerable experience in industry and advanced technology reflects the changing picture of the University in modern times. Dr. Maiden, with-world-wide links is still a young man with tremendous potential and out-standing personal attributes. He is a big man both in stature and in mind and won the appointment in a very strong field. It is certain that he has a great contribution to make to New Zealand.

Finally, we who have links with his background warmly congratulate him on his achievement. May he make history! We extend our best wishes to him, his wife and their four children as well as to his parents and sister, all of whom are justly proud of him – as we are.