Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 15, June 1971


In 1971 the following Officers were elected for above association:—

President: Mr. N. Morton; Vice-Presidents: Mrs. H. Timanus and Mr. O.J. Morgan; Secretary: Mrs. M.D. Smeaton; Treasurer: Miss Freda Butcher; Committee: Mesds. A. Young, R. Morgan, A. Bange; Messrs. W. Wotherspoon, D. Haszard, D. Adams, R.M. Leach and P. Brady. Borough Council Rep.: Mr. C. Jennings, and Mr. A. Hanlen.

Summer Exhibition — Outstanding Paintings and Pottery.—(Sales of Pottery, $700).

Taylor Shell Collection — Presented by Mr. Taylor of Whangamata.

Coutts Collection — In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Coutts and Miss Stewart

Special travelling Sculpture Exhibition — 32 Sculptures from 18 artists.

Prints of Early N.Z Painters — (April 17th to May 10th).

Models Exhibition — 16th to 23rd May.

Many interior improvements have been made this year by the President, Mr. Morton who is now overseas.


Sept. 1970 Slide Evening. Mr.& Mrs. Connell — Overseas Caravan Holiday.

Oct. 1970 1) Mr. W.P. Butler (Bill). Reminiscences of Old Waihi West.

Oct.1970 2) The Old Folks Day. Splendid entertainment at Art Centre

Oct. 1970 3) Visit of Howick Historical Society (52), ending with afternoon tea at Mr. & Mrs. T. Gordon's wonderful Lily gardens.

Nov. 1970 All interested in Miss Freda Clark's talk on her trip overseas to Obergammarau.

Feb. 1970 [1971? - E] Mr. Harry Armour gave demonstration on the art of the Wheelright.

Feb. 1971 Field Day at Coromandel, including Museum and Talks.

Feb. 1971 Hamilton Society came to see Karangahake, Waikino, Waihi. We supplied speaker and hospitality.

APRIL Annual Meeting - good attendance. Members remain steady at 255. 72 family, 5 life and 178 sole subscriptions



MEMBERSHIP: Our membership stands at 255; 30 family members, 5 Life and 220 others. There has been an increase in the number of family members.

CHANGE OF MEETING NIGHT: Meetings on the third Monday in each month. These meetings have been well attended with good Speakers and Field Days enjoyed by all who attended.

SEPTEMBER: Slide Evening — Mrs. R.E. Tye, Ngatea, showed her resent overseas tour with commentary.

OCTOBER : Members visited first Morrinsville and later Cambridge museum.

NOVEMBER : Mr. Roger Morrison — Visit to "India". Was most educational.

JANUARY : Highlight of year! Thirty-six members spent a very happy weekend as the guests of members of the New Plymouth Society.

FEBRUARY : Meeting held at Mr. and Mrs. F. Thorp's home to discuss the New Plymouth trip. — Was a wonderful social occasion.

MARCH : Mr. John Buchanan and others showed New Plymouth slides.

Several members in conjunction with the Tauranga and Waihi Forest and Bird Life Society visited the Silver Mines at Maratoto.

I wish to extend my thanks to all who have assisted in any way to help to make this year a successful one.