Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 20, June 1976

Richard Henry Casley married Caroline Louise Christie at Thames in the early 80's and five of their children were born there. They were Richard, Florence, Thomas, Violet (McLeod) and Caroline. At that time mining was at a low ebb at Thames but with the adoption of the cyanide treatment for ore at Karangahake, its growth was phenominal. The Casley family already had relatives there, the Christies and the Shepherds who appeared to be prosperous. Alfred Shepherd had some very successful mining ventures and his wife was the popular proprietress of the Tramway Hotel (on the site of the present Gold Camp).

So in 1893 the Casleys moved to a cottage on the School Hill and ten more children were added to the family. The surviving ones were Myrtle, Ivy (Mrs. Jim Slevin, Waihi) Virginia, Vivian, Samuel, James, Pearl (Saunders) Mary (Williams) and Ruby who was born 1912. By this time the older boys and girls were working and some were married but things were not easy for the always courageous mother. Within two years she faced a tragic situation when her husband died of Miners' Phthisis. During W.W.1. she moved with her younger ones to Auckland where she had other relatives. After many years of toil and sacrifice she returned to Ohinemuri to live in Waihi with her daughter Ivy Slevin whose loving care lightened her last days. She died peacefully on 5-1-54 and now only a few of her great family survive but she lives in her many grandchildren.