Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 20, June 1976

During Labour Weekend of 1976 the past will be revived in Waihi when the Waihi Miners Reunion will be held.

The idea of a reunion was first mooted in 1973 but never quite got off the ground. A few inquiries, made some months ago in places where ex-miners are known to frequent, established the fact that a reunion was not only a good idea but was a "must". It was decided that to qualify an applicant had to have worked at any mine or battery in or near Waihi - a pretty wide scope indeed.

During the weekend it is hoped to show the Mine film, to make use of the Museum, to organise bus tours around Waihi and to Waikino, to have a short parade from the "Hill" to the Miners Memorial Hall, to conduct a Combined Church Service, to hold a preliminary get-together on the Friday night and a dinner on the Saturday night. Some free time has been allowed so that visitors may conduct their own activities at places best decided by themselves and their mates.

Although a minimum of advertising has as yet been done at the time of writing, already over a hundred names have been received. Unfortunately, because of the limited accommodation in the Memorial Hall, some late applicants may be too late to be registered. Realising that some of the ex-miners are now getting on in years, it will not be necessary for them to attend all functions as they may register (and pay for) only those activities which they know they can attend to their best advantage.