Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 26, November 1982

The first and only motor race day held on Waihi Beach ended in tragedy and no motor races have ever been held there since then.

The races were held in April 1926 when a 23 year old young man who was riding in one of the cars, was badly injured and later died of his injuries.

There was also motorbike racing on the same day. The young man who was killed, William Leslie Colledge, was riding in the motorbike events. It was Billie Colledge's brother who intended to ride in the car driven by Wallie Tanner, but he got cold feet at the last minute and Billie took his brother's place.

The car was No. 6, a Super Hudson owned by Sam Tanner, the father of Wallie Tanner. The accident happened when the car hit a water stream and Billie Colledge leaned over. When the car slipped, he broke a rib which pierced his heart, and it was this that caused his death.

[see story in Journal 39: Tragedy at Beach, and Journal 32: Snippets from Fred Carbutt – E]