Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 37, September 1993



The President, Mr Arthur Reid, in his report to the Society's Annual Meeting in February 1993 stated that the past year had been a momentous one for the Society. The quest for space to expand had come to a most satisfactory conclusion with the purchase of the Centennial Building in the main street of Paeroa. He expressed thanks on the Society's behalf to the Officers of the Hauraki District Council and the Paeroa Community Board for their guidance in bringing the project to fruition. He commended the previous committees in setting aside funds, for without such a deposit the Society would not have been able to make an approachto theLottery Board for a grant.

The Community Board had agreed to fund the running costs of the building within certain limits and, for the Society's part, they must endeavour to have the Museum open at least five days a week.

Continuing his report the President expressed the Society's appreciation to Trust Bank Waikato for their support. Financially, he said, the Society's funds will have been expended by the time the Museum alterations are complete.

During the year the Waikato Regional Council sponsored a series of Environmental Awards to recognise the work of people who had been active in various ways in improving the environment. Mr Reid said that the Society had recommended Mr and Mrs A B Taylor, Mr and Mrs G Staples, Mr P H Jones and Mr J Strange. Each of the nominees received a Certificate of Commendation.

In concluding his report Mr Reid thanked the Society's Officers, Committee and all those members who attend to the duty of opening the Museum for the public.


July 1992 Mrs M Simpson - Her Ancestors in New Plymouth

August General meeting to plan ahead

September Mr J M Hill - Mill Road in the early days of his grandfather

October General meeting

November Visit to Cyprus Gold Mine, Waitekauri

December The luncheon

February AGM

March Visit to Coromandel, Barry Brickell and Harmony Gardens

April Visit from Federation President, Robin Astridge, reporting on Federation Conference at Timaru

May General meeting, museum planning


Mrs Margaret Wells, in her annual report said that meetings had been well attended and that they had enjoyed some very interesting speakers - Mr Colin Smith from St. John's Ambulance; Miss Kathie Mason, who showed a video on the latest workings of the Gold Mine; Mrs Emmie Sazavaka, her trip to her homeland, Austria; Mrs Nell Gardiner, her trip to London. In addition there were several social meetings with members bringing and speaking on items of interest. There had been bus trips to "The World of Horses" and to Ongarue [Ongare – E] Point to see Mr & Mrs Goodwin's bottle museum.

The President extended the Society's sympathy to the families of members who had passed away during the year, these were; Mrs L P Wheeler, Mrs Muriel Goodenough, Mr Oliver Pipe and Mr Clarence Fred Pratt.

Appreciation was given to the Society's Officers and the Committee for their work in carrying out their respective duties. The Society was grateful for the use of the room and facilities granted to members by WACMA for the monthly meetings.