Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 41, September 1997

On the Whangamata Road, north of Waihi, is an unusual but now unused milking shed. The shed is carved into a 25-metre high rhyolite outcrop.

In 1910 a miner, Andy Scobie, bought land for a farm and after breaking in enough land to sustain a small herd, he undertook a unique and ambitious scheme to cut a cowshed out of the rock using his mining skills. This he did with the help of his father, George, who was also a miner. Andy also considered building a house in the rock above the shed but the cheap price of conventional houses (around £50 to £100) caused him to abandon that idea.

In 1929 the Scobie family sold the farm to Peter Brady whose son, Charlie, took over the farm in 1935. He built a conventional cowshed nearer to the road. In 1945 the farm was sold to Jim Kennedy, and he was the last owner known to have used the shed. It became a storage room for hay. Later owners were the Stolp family, the De Vries and now Alan and Ruth Scott. The shed has now filled with sediment because the cow track runs beside it and a person can no longer stand up inside.