Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 43, September 1999

Frank Strange died at his home at Komata on 15 October 1998. Frank was born at Hikutaia on 23 November 1900, a son of Francis and Bridgid Strange, who owned a gum store on the Old Maratoto Road. At 15 years of age Frank joined the Post Office as a telegram delivery boy.

When World War I started he went to Auckland to train as a Morse telegraphist. In 1918 he transferred to Marton for a few months before returning to Thames Post Office. In 1926 he became Postmaster at Hikutaia.

He married Annie Sara Morrison, the eldest daughter of Hugh and Mary Morrison, on 12 April 1928. Following 12 years at the Whangarei Post Office, they returned to Hikutaia and took up farming. After farming for 47 years he sold the farm to his son, Hugh.

Frank had a long association in serving the Catholic Church, which began as altar boy in 1910. He began serving again at the Hikutaia Church in the late 1980s and was church recorder for more than 34 years. Pope Paul II presented him with the Benemerenti Medal, Scroll and Insignia for devoted service at a Confirmation Mass at St. Mary's Church in Paeroa in October 1995.

He was a long time member of the Paeroa Historical Society and served many organisations in the district. He had been auditor of the Hikutaia Bowling Club, received a long service award from the Paeroa Racing Club, and was a Justice of the Peace. Frank wrote an account of his life and times of the Hikutaia district and this was published in Journal 35.

Frank was buried at the Omahu Cemetery.