Henry Nangreave Chalton 1850-1929

Married Janet Hogg Coutts in 1892. Henry and Janet had six children, four boys and two girls.
Known as Harry. The “Thames Chaltons”.
Henry worked as a miner, cutting and hauling kahikatea, and as a farmer. After helping Samuel build the first Queens Hotel, in the early 1870s he worked a mining battery at Karaka Creek, Thames with Charles Gale. He worked in the Woodstock and Talisman mines in Karangahake c.1888-1903. In 1903 he bought a farm at Komata which he farmed until 1914. In 1914 he moved to Thames to live and remained at Thames until his death.
1890-1893 Henry elected to Ohinemuri County Council, Karangahake Riding.
Note Henrys middle name is spelled incorrectly on his headstone (spelt as Nangrave).
Janet appears on the 1896 electoral roll, the first national election (worldwide) at which women were allowed to vote after a New Zealand law change in 1893.

Henry and Janet’s children were:

Harold Bennett Chalton 1893-1962

Married Jane Elizabeth Lyes 1892-1981 in 1921. Two children, both daughters.
Fought Western Front, WW1, 1916-1918, Serial number 31959.
Elected to Thames Council, 1959-1962

Myrtle Ramage Chalton 1895-1965

Married George Govan Gibson 1887-1953 in 1915.
One child, a son, Donald George Gibson. Donald flew bombers over Germany 1944/45.
Myrtle and George are buried at Totara Cemetery, Thames, Headstone says "In loving memory of Myrtle Ramage Gibson beloved wife of George died 10th June 1965 aged 70. George Govan Gibson beloved husband of Myrtle died 14 December 1953 aged 66"

James Roy Chalton “Roy” 1896-1965

One child, a son. Married Alice Susan Kellow “Sally” 1919, Newton Abbey, England.
James returned to New Zealand with Alice as a war bride.
Military Service, Serial number 29359, Fought Western Front 1917-1918, WW1. Appears on the Paeroa District High School Roll of Honour, which is currently on display at the Paeroa RSA.
James owned a farm at Rangiriri, and gained his pilot’s licence in 1932. James put on a public bombing display at Rangiriri in the mid 1930s. James taught his nephew Donald George Gibson to fly.
James and Alice’s son; Glenn Kellow Chalton 1932-2008. Married Jean Mary Frederickson in 1959. Glenn and Jean have three children, two daughters and one son.

Basil Symington Chalton 1899-1991

Married Laurel Kennedy Gordon 1898-1999 in 1927. Two children, both daughters.

Arthur Reginald Chalton “Reggie” 1902-1940

Married Arabella Kathleen MacLachlan “Bella” in 1929.
Arthur died as the result of a farm accident and is buried in Te Aroha Cemetery.
Arthur and Kathleen didn’t have any children. Kathleen remarried after his death.

Ellen Stuart Chalton 1904-1987

Married Henry Philip Donkin “Harry” in 1928. Lived in Thames, then later in Whakatane.
Probate describes Henry as a retired fruiterer (fruit and vege shop owner).
Three children, two boys and one girl. The youngest child Colin Raymond Donkin 1934-1934 is buried with his grandparents, Henry and Janet Chalton at the Totara Cemetery in Thames.

Ellen Osborne, nee Chalton 1852-1934

Married 1876. Four children, three sons and one daughter.
Known as Nellie.
Married John Osborne 1847-1930 at Samuel’s homestead, Netherton. Rev V Lush officiated at the wedding. It was the first wedding of a European in the “Upper Thames”.
The Osbornes were a well-known family in colonial New Zealand, with John’s father having worked for Governor Grey.
After her marriage in 1876 Ellen moved from Netherton to Thames.
Then c.1912 Ellen and John moved to Hamilton to live. John and Ellen both died in Hamilton, and are buried at Hamilton East Cemetery, plot BBG16. Headstone says “Sacred to the memory of John Osborne died Sept 24th 1930 aged 84 years. Also his wife Ellen Osborne died 6 Oct 1934 age 82 years”

John and Ellen’s children were:

Alice May Osborne 1877-1962

Married Arthur Edward Young in 1903. Had one daughter, Murielle Wood Hicks, nee Young. Murielle didn’t have any children.

Henry John Osborne 1879-1952

”Harry” Joined the NZ Army Feb 1915. Served at Gallipoli and France until 1918. No 4/814. Severely wounded Gallipoli 19 August 1915. Discharged Nov 1918 no longer fit for service. Single at the time of his enlistment 1915, age 35. Working as timber yard foreman at time of enlistment.

Arthur Ernest Osborne 1881-1970

Accountant. No mention of wife or children in his will. Estate left to his niece, Murielle Hicks.

Gordon Leslie Osborne 1884-1959

Public servant. No mention of wife or children in his will. Estate left to his sister, Alice May Young. Fought at Western Front, WW1, 1917-1918

There is no evidence that John, Arthur or Gordon married or had children.

This branch of the family ends. 

Bennett Chalton 1854-1867

Died age 13. Buried at St Michaels and All Angels Church, Valley Rd, Hakaru, Row 7, plot 15.

Bennett was named after his mother’s maiden name (i e Ellen Chalton, nee Bennett).

Bennett does not appear in Dept of Internal Affairs records, so it is not possible to obtain a copy of his death certificate. New Zealand Government changed the manner in which NZ was administered in 1870, and records prior to 1870 are not as complete as records post 1870.

The date of his death and location of his grave were obtained through Anglican Church records, as was the exact location of his grave.
Bennett’s grave was unmarked as at 2016. Many of the graves had wooden graves markers in the 1860s and it seems likely that Bennetts headstone was wooden and lost to time.
The exact location of his grave was determined by a cemetery plan from Anglican Church Archives, and a new granite headstone was installed in 2017, marking the 150th anniversary of his death.
Bennett’s cause of death is unknown.

George Chalton, 1856-1938

Married 1896, two children, one boy, one girl.
The “Wellington Chaltons”.
George married Catherine Mary Discaciati “Mary” in Greymouth 1896.
George worked as a miner, a farmer and later in life as a grocer.
George lived with his family in Netherton until c.1890 at which time he moved from Netherton to Greymouth to live. He lived in Greymouth from c.1890 until c.1910 when he moved from Greymouth to Wellington to live. Then in 1926 he moved to Thames, where he lived until his death in 1938.
After Georges death in 1938 his wife Mary moved back to Wellington to live until her death in 1947.

George appears on the 1905-1906 Westland Electoral roll, and on the 1911 Wellington Electoral roll.

In 1918 George was a grocer at Johnsonville. He was prosecuted under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act for selling substandard milk.
In the WW1 call up announcement, his son Francis Samuel Chalton is described as “a grocer’s assistant of Johnsonville”, April 1918. The war finished before Francis completed his training so he didn’t fight in the war.

George is buried along with Mary at Te Aroha Cemetery, Block 18, Plot 17. Headstone says "In loving memory of George beloved husband of Mary Chalton died 24 Oct 1938 age 84 years. Ever Remembered. Also his beloved wife Mary died 24 Dec 1947 age 80 years. R.I.P".
Note in George’s obituary it states that he was born in Dublin. This is incorrect. He was born in England. George’s wife Mary was Irish and may have been born in Dublin which may account for the error.

George and Mary’s children were:

Francis Samuel Chalton “Frank” 1898-1976

Born in Greymouth. Married Henrietta Olivia Cummins “Olive” in 1921. Francis put an R in his surname, probably in 1920, so he married as Charlton, and his children were Charltons.

Annie Ellen Chalton “Nancy” 1899-1961.

Married William Nelson Crawford “Bill” in 1926.
Francis and Annie both lived in Wellington until their deaths.

Thomas Bennett Chalton 1858-1932

Never married. No children.
Farmer. Was living in Te Aroha at the time of his death.
Thomas left his estate to his nieces Annie Dulcina Chalton “Dulcie” and Annie Ellen Crawford, nee Chalton “Nancy”.
Thomas is buried at Te Aroha Cemetery, Block 17, plot 26.
Headstone says "Sacred to the memory of Thomas Bennett beloved son of the late S and E Chalton died 4th Dec 1932 aged 73 years".
Headstone restored 2016.

Frank Chalton 1862-1948

Born in NZ. Married 1893. Four children, two boys and two girls.
The “Te Aroha Chaltons”
Worked as a miner/prospector and farmer.
Born in New Zealand.
Frank married Janet Kay in 1893. Janet was known as Jessie.
Janet appears on the 1896 electoral roll, the first national election (worldwide) at which women were allowed to vote after a New Zealand law change in 1893.

Frank organised hack horse racing meetings at Netherton in the 1890s, he was also involved in the establishment of the Netherton dairy factory in 1905, the Netherton Creamery.
Frank lived with his family at Netherton until his father Samuel’s death in 1910. Frank then purchased a farm at Te Aroha c.1911 and lived on this farm until his death in 1948. The farm ran between Stanley Rd and the river.

Frank is buried with Janet at Te Aroha Cemetery , Block 32, plot 4.

Frank and Janet’s four children were:

Annie Dulcina Chalton (1894-1960)

“Dulcie”. Annie and her husband took over the family farm after Frank’s death. Annie is buried at Te Aroha Cemetery. Annie’s husband Walter Richard Burt fought in both WW1 and WW2. Walter saw extremely heavy fighting on the western front and in North Africa.

Elizabeth Helena Chalton (1895-1968)

“Elspie”. Moved to Auckland to live after her marriage in 1925. Her husband Claud Henry Moody “Sid” fought in WW1 and served with Elizabeth’s brother, Andrew. Andrew and Claud were close friends.

Andrew Eric Chalton (1896-1969)

“Eric” Andrew fought in WW1, 1917/18. At the end of WW1 Andrew was part of the occupation force in Cologne 1918/19. After returning to NZ in 1919 he moved to Auckland to live. Married Marie Catherine Bright in 1928. Andrew was offered the farm at Te Aroha when Frank died but he didn’t like farming, so the farm went to Annie. Andrew is buried at Mangere Cemetery in Auckland.

Francis Gordon Chalton (1898-1963)

“Gordon”. Never married. Francis died at Lake Alice Hospital and is buried at Mt View Cemetery, Marton.

Susannah McLachlan, nee Chalton 1864-1952 

Married 1902. One daughter.
Born in New Zealand.

Married John Mitchell McLachlan 1842-1909 at All Saints Church, Ponsonby, Auckland, Oct 18 1902.

Susannah lived with her family until c.1890, at which time she moved from Netherton to Auckland.
Susannah worked in a millinery shop through the 1890s and early 1900s.
Her husband John owned a millinery business at 222 Queen St, Auckland which is possibly how they met.

Her husband John was born at Cornwallis, New Zealand in 1842.
Johns father Lachlan McLachlan 1810-1885 divorced John’s mother in 1852 and moved to Australia to live, leaving John and his mother in Auckland. John’s father Lachlan was a police magistrate in the Bendigo Goldfields from 1853-1871 and was known as Bendigo Mac.
In terms of Johns will the entire Cornwallis Peninsula (1,927 acres) was purchased and donated to Auckland as a public reserve in 1910.

After John’s death Susannah was involved in community groups and fundraising.

Susannah is buried at Symonds St Cemetery, Presbyterian Section, Central Auckland. Headstone states “In loving memory of Susannah wife of John Mitchell McLachlan and mother of Isabella Erana died 26th July 1952 aged 87 years”.

Susannah had one daughter, Isabella Erana McLachlan 1905-2005. Isabella never married and had no children, so the branch died out.

This branch of the family ends.