This object is close to the stream, immediately downstream from the middle tailings embankment. It is bolted to a concrete plinth, and appears to be in its original position, although I know of no building, or part of the battery, to have been situated here. What was it?

Could the extract below be describing this item?

1889 Mines Statement: When the settlers are cleaned out ready for another charge the quicksilver and amalgam is run into a straining-cloth made of canvas, which is held in position by a wooden frame directly over a cast-iron tank, into which the quicksilver filters, and from which it is again lifted to charge the combination-pans.

castiron tub

Cast iron tub, near Mill Stream, 2003.

mill str map

Mill Stream Walkway Heritage Features.

Map showing walkway, present stream alignment, Speak’s Quarry, old tailings ponds and the Waihi Battery site. Cast iron tub is shown on mouse over.