From Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 28, O. J. Morgan: The Waihi pump had a capacity of 90,000 gallons per hour from a depth of 1500 feet. Being tepid water at a temperature of 27°C, it was for a time used in the municipal swimming baths in Kenny Street. In spite of an official analysis showing it to be uncontaminated, public opinion caused Waihi’s warm mineral baths to be a short-lived luxury. However, some of the water was diverted to run down the gutters of Seddon Street, to provide a continual and efficient flushing service for the commercial area of the town, and a delight for small boys.

And from Journal 8, Glen Mayclair: Most of the water from the mine was run away in a drain which followed a path across what is now the Recreation Grounds, and then on into the river. Some was diverted into Seddon Street to run down both sides for cleaning purposes. This seems to have been very successful, and gave the small boys of the town the perfect place to play with their boats. A board across the drain at the top of the town controlled the amount flowing at any time.

Waihi Jubilee Booklet, 1962: A well equipped swimming pool built at the recreation ground was most popular but periodic summer shortages of water frequently prevented its use when most in demand. Though an attempt was made in the thirties to increase its usefulness by filling with tepid mineral water pumped from the mines, many people objected to bathing in "filthy mine water," even though analyses showed it to be free from contamination and rich in the mineral salts which have made many overseas spas world famous. Improved access to the seaside lessened the need for the swimming pool.

The above passage suggests that the baths are gone in 1962.

No baths show in a c.1906 photograph from Union Hill. They show in the 1909-10 Waihi Panorama and in the 1942 aerial photograph, but are gone by 1971 aerial photograph.mill str map

Mill Stream Walkway Heritage Features.

Map showing walkway, present stream alignment, Speak’s Quarry, old tailings ponds and the Waihi Battery site. Location of the municipal swimming baths are shown on mouse over.