Waihi Street Names

This list is an attempt to explore the source of Waihi street names. A list has appeared twice in the Ohinemuri Regional History Journals, and these entries have been acknowledged in the "Source" column; see Journal 23: Waihi Streets, and Journal 32: Origins of Waihi Street Names. Included lower in the table is a list of streets that no longer exist, or streets that may never have been formed. Some of these are still unformed legal roads.

Information about Waihi streets and roads has been taken from modern cadastral data, and from early Borough maps. There are circa 158 street names in current usage. 28 street names are no longer in usage.

If you have information to update or add to this data, please be in touch.

Street Name

Named after…



Adams St

Joseph Adams, Draper

Or Henry Hopper Adams (1851-1928)

HH Adams built the first batteries in Waihi, for the Martha Company and the Waihi Company (both 1882). He reconstructed the Silverton Battery in 1896, and purchased it as the Union Battery after the Waihi Gold Mining Co. closed it in 1911.

ORHJ No. 23


Albert St


  Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee, Cyclopedia 1902

Ashman Rd

Daisy Ashman Family



Austin Rd

Austen Family, lived cnr Cambridge and Savage Rd



Baber St

J. W. Baber, Life Insurance Agent


ORHJ No. 23

Baker St

Baker family


ORHJ No. 23

Banks St

Edwin Gripper Banks, Mining Engineer


ORHJ No. 23

Barry Rd

Hubert Percy Barry, Mine Superintendent


ORHJ No. 23

Baxter Rd

Baxter family owned farm at end of road



Bellamys Rd

C and S. Bellamy Ltd., Grocers.?


Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee

Boundary Rd

Boundary between Waihi Borough Council and Ohinemuri County Council


Boyd Rd

J. D. Boyd, Estate Agent. Dudley Boyd owned farm on North side of Matangia Rd. Also known as the "Magazine track" (explosives magazine)


Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee

Bradford St

Sergeant-Major George Roland Bradford, a member of the Ohinemuri Contingent. Bradford was the first New Zealander to be killed during the war [Boer War – E].


ORHJ No. 23

Brickfield Rd

Laurie Bros. Brickworks


ORHJ No. 23

Buller St

Sir Redvers Buller, British Army General


ORHJ No. 23

Bulltown Rd

Bull Family


ORHJ No. 23

Cambridge Rd




Canon St

Canon E. S. Wayne, or Canon J. L. A. Kayll - Church of England vicars?


Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee

Carrick Robertson Pl

Sir Carrick Robertson, Superintendent of the Waihi Hospital circa 1912


Chapel Lane


at Hospital


Christensen St

C. Christensen, Ohinemuri County Councillor, Waihi (Waihi Riding), 1938 - 1945+. Mayor of Waihi 1956 - 1965


Ohinemuri County Diamond Jubilee 1885-1945, Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee, Jnl 32

Clarke St

T.P. Clarke, Battery Engineer, father of the late Tom Clarke


ORHJ No. 23

Colebrook Rd

Very early Waihi family, Colebrook, George: Butcher (1900). And carpenter

A recent name for a new street. Roger Smith, developer of this subdivision, said it was an old street name, perhaps for an earlier street in this area.

Ohinemuri County Diamond Jubilee 1885-1945, Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee. Waihi Topo map 1900 shows a block of land a little north labelled Colebrook as owner

Connell St

Richard Connell, Father-in-law of W.H. Johnston


ORHJ No. 23

Consols St

Waihi Consols Mining Property


ORHJ No. 23

Corbett Rd

Tom Corbett, one of very early prospectors in Waihi, hotel keeper, or H.M. Corbett, Ohinemuri County Councillor, 1908, and Chairman 1911 to 1916 and 1926 to 1929 or E.M. (Edward Mann) Corbett, Ohinemuri County Councillor, first councillor 1885-1890, 1893-1898.

Also a Corbett St in Paeroa

Pukewa Waihi 2003, Lockwood. Ohinemuri County Diamond Jubilee 1885-1945

Cornwall St

1901 HMS Ophir took the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (the future King George V and Queen Mary) on their tour of the British Empire (including New Zealand).Or named for Cornwall in UK, many early miners were from there


Crean Rd


J.C. Crean, Waikino Brass Band 1907. Or Tom and Wm. Crean (may be JCs children). Crean family broke in land and farmed there


Waikino and the Victoria Battery, AM Isdale 2000

Cuba St

Waihi mining claim


Mines Statement 1899: 24/8/98. 24 0 20; Waihi . ..; XIV.; Ohinemuri; Cuba; Ohinemuri Syndicate (Ltd.).

Darby St

Darby family


ORHJ No. 23

Deam Rd

Deam family, early land owners at Waitawheta

Dean's Flat shown on Aroha Katikati 1912 map, on Waitawheta river where Deam Rd is now, also Dean Creek or Stream, but note different spelling

The Patchwork Quilt, LP Wheeler, 1970

Dean Cres

A. J. Dean, Chartered Accountant, Mayor 1971-77.


ORHJ No. 32

Devon St

Devon County, adjacent to Cornwall, UK



Dobson St

Dobson’s Boarding House


ORHJ No. 23

Domain Rd

Beside Ngatikoi Domain (Black Hill)



Donnelly St

D. Donnelly?

early Waihi family

Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee, Waihi High School Diamond Jubilee 1890-1950

Durham St

ss Durham, a ship on the Ohinemuri 1876?


ORHJ No. 31

Elliot St

Adam Elliot, Miner


ORHJ No. 23

Evans St

James Arthur Evans, Mine Manager of the Waihi Grand Junction Gold Mining Company, 1896   Cyclopedia 1902

Favona St

Favona Mine


ORHJ No. 23

Featon Rd

John Featon, Mining Speculator


ORHJ No. 23

Fisher Rd

County Chairman Blanch Fisher?

or earlier family

Waihi Rugby Union 1897-1997

Fleet St

Visit of the American Fleet in 1908?



Ford Rd

Family? Or ford over stream (Fred Pratt via DMcL)



Franklin Rd

C. Franklin, Ohinemuri County Councillor, 1902-1905, 1908-1914

or: F. L. Franklin, Ohinemuri County Councillor, Waitawheta (Waihi West Riding), 1938 - 1945+.

Franklin Flat shown on Aroha Katikati 1912 map, on Waitawheta river

Ohinemuri County Diamond Jubilee 1885-1945

Frankton Rd




Galbraith St

James Galbraith, Journalist, Editor of the "Waihi Miner".


ORHJ No. 23

George St

King George V, accession to the Throne 1910



Gilmour St

Thomas Gilmour, Mine Manager


ORHJ No. 23

Gladstone Rd

Waihi Gladstone Mine


ORHJ No. 23

Golden Valley Rd

i, yellow ash soil, ii, prolific gorse or broom flowering, iii, golden opportunities for farming by Danish settlers    

Governor Grv

Governor Hobson?

recent new name for Hobson St east


Grey St

Sir George Grey


ORHJ No. 23

Haszard St

H.D.M. Haszard, Chief Surveyor, or Norman F.J. Haszard, early surveyor of the town   ORHJ No. 23

Heard Rd




Heath Rd

W. Heath?

old Waihi family


Highland Rd


recently changed I think


Hobson St

Governor Hobson?

hence the other part of the road called Governor Grv?


Homunga Rd

Homunga Bay



Hume Rd

Hume, W. Waihi Borough Councillor, 1905-06? Or Hume who operated a sawmill at Waimata 1899

Ran a livery and bait stable in Rosemont Rd circa 1910.

Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee, Pukewa Waihi 2003, Lockwood, Ohinemuri Gazette

Islington Tce

Miss L.A. Roberts, after her home town in England. She was Infant Mistress at Central School from 1896-1923 and held property in this street


ORHJ No. 23

Johnston St

Walter H. Johnston, who, with N.F.J. Haszard, surveyed Waihi.


ORHJ No. 23

Kalma Rd

Kalma family. A new road to access their property

Have a kiwifruit orchard


Kelly Rd

Kelly family who owned a farm there. J. A. Kelly Headmaster Waihi South School, 1935-? (or 32-36) was a son. Or John Kelly, owner of Rob Roy in 1904


Waihi Borough Diamond Jubilee, The Patchwork Quilt, LP Wheeler, 1970

Kenny St

H. Eyre Kenny, Warden and Magistrate.


ORHJ No. 23

Kensington Rd

Owners of Kensington Freehold



Kent Cres




Kimberley Rd

Kimberley in South Africa was besieged at the time this street was surveyed.


ORHJ No. 23

King St

King George V, accession to the Throne 1910?



Kingsley Rd




Kitchener St

Lord Kitchener, British General.


ORHJ No. 23

Knowles Cres

Named after a long-time resident of this street.


ORHJ No. 32

Lambert St




Landlyst Rd




Lawrence Rd

Bill Lawrence

owned farm here


Mackay St

James Mackay?

On early maps it was spelt as Macky, the way Mackay pronounced his name


Maddocks St




Magnolia Lane


new subdivision


Mangatoetoe St

Mangatoetoe Stream



Margaret St

Margaret Gilmour, wife of Thomas Gilmour.


ORHJ No. 23

Martha St

Martha Mine.


ORHJ No. 23

Martin Rd

Tom Martin, little old miner who had the first shanty in this road


ORHJ No. 23

Mataura Rd

Mataura Stream, Mataura mine?

Mataura mine, north-east of Waihi

Geological Bulletin 26

Mathers Rd

Mathers family

Mathers family farms here


McKinney Rd

McKinney family

McKinney family farmed here


Mclean Rd

W. McLean

Early settlers

The Patchwork Quilt, LP Wheeler, 1970

Miners Pl

new name for a section of Bulltown Rd



Moore St

John Moore, or W.H. Moore Silverton mine

There are several Moores associated with early Waihi: John H. Moore, manager of the Martha mine c.1884 to 1887 and of the Silverton c.1886-7, William Moore, Netherton, an Ohinemuri County Councillor, and Henry Moore, brewer of Paeroa.

Biographies - E Lens

Moresby Ave

Tracy A. Moresby, Mining Registrar at Paeroa.


ORHJ No. 23

Morgan St

Robert Morgan, Manager Grand Junction Battery. Father of Evan and David.


ORHJ No. 23

Mueller St

Gerhard Mueller, Commissioner of Crown Lands.


ORHJ No. 23

Newman St

Walter Newman, Accountant with Waihi Company. Grandfather of John Newman.


ORHJ No. 23

Ngatitangata Rd

Ngati Tangata Maori Reserve

Gave access to the Ngati Tangata Maori Reserve; it included the access road to Homunga Bay

Waitangi Tribunal Hauraki Report (Wai 686) map. Page 439 Fig 47

Old Tauranga Rd

First road built from Paeroa to Katikati. It bypassed Waihi entirely



Oldfield Rd




Orchard Rd

Road to Tony and Theo Belcher's orchard, and the Waitete Restaurant they established



Orokawa Heights Rd

Recent name. Orokawa beach below



Parry Palm Ave

Hon. W. E. Parry (formerly part of Seddon and before that Broadway).


ORHJ No. 23

Pickett Pl

H. J. (Snow) Pickett, Mayor 1947-56.


ORHJ No. 32

Pipe Lane

High pressure water race pipes to Waihi Battery on Union Hill



Pitt St




Poets Corner Rd

Recent name



Princes St




Pukekauri Rd


near Mutu Hgaherehere? Transl: small remnant of forest.


Pukewera Rd




Quarry Rd

Waihi Borough Council used to operate a quarry here?



Queen St


The bridge on Matangia Rd was once called Queen Bridge


Rata St

Hollis Bush, rata trees



Regent St




Regina Dr


at Hospital


Reservoir Rd

New name based on Municipal water supply dam

Used to be Upper Walmsley?


Richmal St




Rifle Range Rd

There was a rifle range there



Riverbank Tce

runs along Ohinemuri River



Roberts St

family of Zillah Roberts?



Robin St




Roland Pl

Roland Pl was originally part of Bradford St but as it did not connect with the rest of Bradford St it was renamed and called Roland because that was one of Bradford's Christian names


M. Carmine

Rosemont Rd

Rosemont Mine


ORHJ No. 23

Roycroft St

George Roycroft, an early settler


ORHJ No. 23

Russell St

T. H. Russell, Mining Promoter.


ORHJ No. 23

Samson Rd

Ian Samson owned a run-off (farmland) there



Savage Rd

Henry Clinton Savage and Mary Ann Savage, owners of the freehold.


ORHJ No. 23

School Lane

School of Mines



Seddon St

Right Hon. Richard John Seddon (formerly Main Street and before that Waihi Street).


Diamond Jubilee 1902-62

Settlers Dr

new subdivision



Silverton Rd

Silverton Battery



Slevin St

Joseph E. Slevin.


Diamond Jubilee 1902-62

Smith St




Somerset St

New name

Used to be Corbett St


Spence Rd

There was a Spence family living in the Waihi area - don't know much about them but maybe they had a farm there.

"Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1902-1962" has an image of WAIHI BOROUGH COUNCIL and Staff, October 1935, showing Spence Traffic Inspector.


M. Carmine

Stafford St

Berkeley H. Stafford, on office staff of the Waihi Company.


Diamond Jubilee 1902-62

Station Rd

original access road to railway station?



Surrey St




Symonds St




Taieri Rd

Taieri Stream



Tauranga Rd

Short cut road to align with new bridge (Coronation Bridge)



Thomas Pl

Albert Thomas, Mayor

new name, used to be Evans St cut by railway


Toomey St

Nicholas Toomey.


ORHJ No. 32

Trig Rd

Trig station 1404 beside road near Waimata Hall, or Matangia trig 65?


Ohinemuri, Waihi North map 1923, Waihi Topo Plan 1900

Union St

Union Mine.


ORHJ No. 23

Upper Walmsley Rd

Horatio Walmsley, owner of large area of bush-covered land at end of road. Uncle of Stewart Walmsley.


ORHJ No. 32

Victoria St

Queen Victoria, her Jubilee or death?



Village Way


at Hospital


Violet St




Waihi Beach Rd

Road to Waihi Beach



Waitawheta Rd

Road to Waitawheta



Waitete Rd

Waitete Valley and stream



Walker St

J. W. (Long Drive) Walker.


ORHJ No. 23

Walls Rd

Walls family



Walmsley Rd

Horatio Walmsley, owner of large area of bush-covered land at end of the road. Uncle of Stewart Walmsley.


Diamond Jubilee 1902-62

Wellington St




Wenlock St




Wharry Rd

Wharry family

used to be called Willows Rd


William St

William Sharman Crawford (Billy) Nicholl?

Prospector who "discovered" the Martha lode


Willows Rd

Willows by the Ohinemuri River



Wilson St

John Wilson of Katikati held property in this street.


ORHJ No. 32

Woodland Rd

The timber and saw mills serviced by this road



Wrigley St

James Marsden Wrigley, Journalist. Father of Keith and Wynn.


ORHJ No. 32


Streets that no longer exist

Alexandra St

Reef in the Martha Mine



Austin Rd

Austen Family, (Andy) lived cnr Cambridge and Savage Rd



Bond St

Ethel E. Bond teacher 1902?


Waihi High School Diamond Jubilee 1890-1950

Byron Rd

Byron, M. (went to WWII)? Or Byron Bay, a claim at Komata. Or English poet?

Now called Baxter Rd

Diamond Jubilee 1902-62, Mines Statements

Corbett St

as per Corbett Rd above?



Darby St

as above

Lost in pit


Dickens Rd

Charles Dickens? Or family name, eg Valerie Dickens


South School Waihi Diamond Jubilee 1909-1969

Domain Rd

as above



Essex St

English Or family name eg W.H. Essex


Waikino and the Victoria Battery, AM Isdale 2000 v310

Hamilton Rd




Hamilton St




Jackson St

Jackson, A. A., Waihi Borough Councillor, 1909-13? Or Jackson, C. P. M., killed WWI. Or Local Member of Parliament Jackson Palmer?



Junction Rd

Access to Grand Junction property



London St




Matangia Rd

Matangia hill 320m, original trig station 65

appears to be called Golden Valley Rd now


May St




Mitchell St

Mitchell, J. Waihi Borough Councillor, 1931-38?



Morgan St

Morgan family?

Lost in pit


Morpeth St

Mr H. D. Morpeth first Waihi Town Clerk 1902-18?


Diamond Jubilee 1902-62

Nelson St

Nelson claim, early mining claim near Union Hill?



Ophir Rd

1901 HMS Ophir took the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (the future King George V and Queen Mary) on their tour of the British Empire (including New Zealand). Or Ophir mining company?



Oxford St




Park Rd

The Hospital had a park, hence Park Rd?

Part of it is now Village Way

Diamond Jubilee 1902-62

Quarry Rd

Quarry reserve

Part of road is still used (off SH2)


Ranfurly Rd

Lord Ranfurly, Governor General

Visited Waihi c.1899

Pukewa Waihi 2003, Lockwood

Robertson Rd

Dr. Carrick (later Sir Carrick) Robertson.  


Pukewa Waihi 2003, Lockwood

Sentinel Rd




Shakespeare Rd




Stanley St




Teck St

Teck was a ducal castle in the kingdom of Württemberg, immediately to the north of the Swabian Jura and south of the town of Kirchheim unter Teck (now in the district of Esslingen), taking its name from the ridge, 2544 feet high, which it crowned. It was destroyed in the German Peasants' War (1525). The castle was reconstructed during the 19th and 20th centuries.

In 1863, the title "Prince of Teck" was conferred as a courtesy title by King William I of Württemberg upon the children of his cousin Duke Alexander of Württemberg (1804–85) by his morganatic marriage with Claudine Rhédey von Kis-Rhéde (1812–41), ennobled as countess of Hohenstein. In 1871, Prince Francis, the eldest son of Duke Alexander, was created Duke of Teck. His eldest son Adolphus (born 1868) was the holder of the title in 1910.

The most famous of the Teck family is considered to be Duke Francis's daughter, Mary of Teck, Queen consort to George V of the United Kingdom and Empress of India.

Tennyson Rd




Upper Walmsley?




Victor St




View Rd


should have had a view over Waihi to east


Warren St

Norman Warren, N.Z. Clothing Company


ORHJ No. 6

York St

1901 HMS Ophir took the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (the future King George V and Queen Mary) on their tour of the British Empire (including New Zealand).