Chook's Tracks

This claim was on the western side of the Tairua River south-westward of the Broken Hills claim.

Gold first discovered in 1893 on what was known as the Davey's reef from which 11 tons were taken out by prospectors and yielded 47ozs bullion worth £141. Work ceased.

In 1907 Tairua Golden Hills Goldmining Co was formed and much driving was done over the area.

A 20 stamp battery with cyanide treatment was erected and treatment started in 1910. In 1911 650 tons crushed for 60ozs bullion valued at £253.

Next two years 3,406 tons for 2,739ozs bullion valued £4415. Returns not payable, mine lay idle till 1920 when it was taken on tribute by J M Agnew, who worked it to 1923, in which he crushed 603 tons for 826 oz bullion valued at £1,687. Anything payable by this time had been worked and nothing further was done.

During its life the mine produced 4670 tons of quartz crushed for 3,671 ozs bullion valued at £6,495.

It must be mentioned that during the progress of development No2 level was driven as a crosscut right through the hill a distance of over 1500 ft but no payable veins where found.

From: Gold Mines of the Hauraki District, By J F Downey.