Chook's Tracks

This lies immediately west of the Old Waitekauri Claim.

Taken up around 1888 by E. Kersey Cooper, representing an English company.

Worked from 1888 until 1913, affording as good an instance of persistent, if somewhat ill advised, prospecting effort as the district has seen.

A battery of ten stamps, five berdans and two grinding pans were erected for the purpose of working loose quartz lying in one of the gullies and a large blow of quartz nearby.

The work was hopelessly unpayable and work was suspended.

In 1891 operations were resumed by way of repairing and extending the horn adit on the Waitekauri Claim.

No payable Quartz was found.

The mine closed for a time while a dispute was settled as to who owned the mine and Mr. Kersey Cooper won. He raised more money and carried on driving in on the Old Waitekauri for 4,500ft and stopped in 1902.

1904 saw a restart again.

Work ceased in 1912.

Total crushed 2,118 tons quartz for 1,292 ounces bullion worth £3,019.

10.1 km, 23:52:36