Chook's Tracks

Gold first discovered 1870.

No claims were taken up until 1894.

A parcel of two tons of quartz taken from a winze on Treasure Island Reef by prospectors, Shaw and Party, yielded £14 or $28.00.

1898 saw the amalgamation of all the claims. The Waihi Beach United Gold Mining Co. was formed in Auckland to undertake more active testing of the area.

A shaft was sunk to a depth of 365ft and a crosscut of 150ft was made to Treasure Island Reef which was driven on for 160ft North and 150ft South.

The reef was about 3ft in width. Values up to 3 Pounds 4 shillings and 11 pence per ton were obtained but on the whole values were poor. 287 samples equalled only 13 shillings and 8 pence.

A boiler and steam engine was used to power the poppet head and dewatering pumps. Water was a big problem requiring larger pumps all the time.

Work ceased in 1911.

[see also Journal 43: Sinking on the Treasure Island Reef and Discovery of Gold at Waihi Beach]